Even though almost all of my work is free to download on this website, it was necessary to join the forces with professionals to spread some of its parts. My latest compilations for beginner percussion players can only be found at Bärenreiter's e-shop. Since the compilations contain not only sheet music but also audio files, I created this page for free download of mp3 tracks. You can listen to them and you can also create projects for the work with sound (see below). You will also find live video clips of songs from which you can better understand their correct interpretation.

The last two albums "On a trip" and "Music club" were released independently and you can find them here for free.

Characteristics of the compilations:

All of the song compilations contain 5 songs that are about one minute long. The characteristics "for beginners" does not mean that a child who did not pay any practice time nor effort in their interpretation will be immediately successful. My experience is that a training of one piece in 8 – 10-year child takes from 14 days to two months, teenagers have managed some of the songs immediately, sometimes the training period did not differ from little children. The difficulty of each song is very variable. When playing with a pianist, the difficulty can be lowered by a slower BPM. The realization of some songs can be greatly facilitated by ignoring the damping the instrument in rests. Each song starts with one or more piano bars, which has been intended to make it easier to start playing with a live pianist, or to perform a concert with a play along track. For studio purposes, there is a count off before each song and clicks during the song. The playability of the piano parts is also different, but each one has been carefully tested by a live pianist.

Using of the mp3 tracks:

In the tables below you can find the mp3 in all possible variations - piano tracks + clicks, the percussion instrument itself and so on. In the case of the easiest way to use the tracks, you simply practice the song with the pupil using mp3 containing all the instruments and clicks. At the concert, the pupil plays his part with the mp3, where is only the piano without any disturbing sounds. The songs are rhythmically quite understandable and shouldn't be a problem. If you have the know-how and the technical possibilities of more sophisticated work with sound, see the following figure. A simple project like this (see a picture of the Cubase project) will greatly facilitate the practice and allow you to record the interpretation of the song. You can also use the freeware Audacity or other ways of playing and recording. All the tracks of a particular song are of the same length, so after importing them into the project, for example, the piano does not shift towards the timpani and so on.

Dětské hřiště pro začínajícího tympánistu (The playground for a timpani beginner):

Na louce pro začínajícího hráče na malý buben (On the meadow for a snare drum beginner):

Divočina pro začínajícího hráče na orchestrální perkuse (The wilderness for a beginner on orchestral percussions):

V taneční náladě pro začínajícího hráče na bicí soupravu (In a dancing mood for a drum kit beginner):

Na výletě pro začínajícího hráče na xylofon (On a trip for a beginner of the xylophone):

Hudební klub pro začínajícího hráče na bicí soupravu. (Music club for a beginner of the drumset):