Recording drum covers has been very popular among young and mature musicians for many years. In our department, this fun activity takes at least half of the lesson. This is actually a playing with a band, which is not present. The basis is a recording - for example, of some famous rock band - in which the student records his or her version of the drum kit accompaniment. The recorded percussion instruments are then mixed into the band's recording, from which the band's original drummer is removed. The student is shot on a camera or a video camera during recording. The video is then added to the band and drum recordings and uploaded on the internet. Similar videos are also shot by timpani players and marimba players, and the Dr.Um ensemble has a rich collection too.

To watch something from our collection of videos or our concert recordings, click on the YouTube or symbol. If you are looking for a specific video, use the box with the magnifying glass symbol. For example, type the name of the student or the song and press enter.