Rudimental etudes:


The issue of rudimental etudes seems to be "popularly unpopular." Almost every drummer knows what rudiments are, we emphasize their usefulness - and the names Pratt, Wilcoxon (and others) are inflected in all cases. However, the reality of music schools tends to be quite different. Etudes are often beyond the players' abilities and, let's face it, many teachers' as well. Ordinary person is usually bored to death. The American author Matt Savage was aware of this. He created the album Savage Rudimental Workshop, which contains not only etudes with an explanation, but also play-along tracks with musical accompaniment. Unfortunately, even these etudes are too difficult for elementary music schools and the accompanying recordings are technically outdated. Therefore arose the idea to create something similar - for the needs of elementary music schools.

Album characteristics:

The author of the music notes Miroslav Sklenský is a graduate of the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava. He wrote the music notes as a part of his diploma thesis. It contains 15 etudes, aimed at acquainting students with the most used rudiments, which do not place extreme demands on players' skills. To make the etudes more attractive to students, I created a soundtrack using virtual musical instruments.

How to use mp3 tracks:

In the tables below there are mp3 tracks available in variants - synth + click, synth + snare + click, and so on. In the case of the simplest way, you will practice the song with the student with the help of an mp3 containing all the instruments and a click. At the concert, the student will play his part along with an mp3, which is only a synth with a click. If you have know-how and technical skills for more sophisticated sound work, have a look at the following image. Such a simple project (here Cubase) will make the practice much easier and will also enable the recording of the interpretation of the composition. You can also use Audacity freeware or other playback and recording methods. All tracks of a specific etude are of the same length and after their import into the project, the synthesizer will not shift to the snare drum and so on.

Each etude exists in three tempo levels. The slowest one is intended only for the training. The medium tempo is already suitable for public interpretation - and at this tempo we also shoot instructional videos. The highest tempo is intended for the most skilled players, however - the soundtracks were created for a medium tempo and the slower or faster variant sometimes does not sound very good. On this website you will find everything you need regarding medium tempo. 270 mp3 tracks of all 15 etudes in three tempo levels can be downloaded in one zip archive here. The YouTube icon offers the opportunity to watch a (more or less) successful practical execution of the etude.

Terms of use:

Miroslav Sklenský and I are the only authors of this education  material. We have decided not to release the album by any publishing company and we are submitting the work to the drummer comunity for free, non-commercial use. We would be very pleased to hear that our "Rudimentary Etudes" work for the benefit of students and their teachers, and we welcome videos of these activities.

Etude No.1 – 5:

Etude No.6 – 10:

Etude No.11 – 15: